Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In My Own Back Yard

Chris and I love our house. It's a little old, and there are things that need to be done to make it a little better. But it is ours. It is our first home, and we love it. These pictures will give you just a little insight as to why. I took these in my back yard just a few minutes ago.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful Babies!!

We always knew that Dillon and Allison were beautiful! Doesn't everyone think their's is? So we entered them in the Cannon County Good Ole' Days Baby Pagent on Saturday. They did so great. They behaved and were very alert and just seemed happy! We are so proud of our beautful babies! First, Allison won 3rd runner up in the Little Miss pagent and then Dillon won 2nd runner up in the Little Mister pagent! Unfortunately, all three of my camera's went dead so these are the only pictures I have! But trust me, they were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! They did get some professional pictures made after the pagent, so I will post those as soon as we get them!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Broken Glass

The picture you see here is a broken window on our back door. I bet you can guess that I'm going to tell you how it got there. Two nights ago while I was at work, Chris went outside to feed the dog and locked himself out of the house. No big deal, really, because my mom, who lives 1/3 of a mile down the road, has a spare key in case something like this ever happens. The only problem was that Chris didn't have his cell phone on him, so he couldn't call her. The next step would have been to walk to my moms and grab the key. Heck, it's only a five minute walk. So, I guess you can assume by now that Chris didn't walk to my mom's since the window IS broken. But what you won't be able to figure is why he didn't walk to my mom's, so I'll just tell you: He was in his underwear and bathrobe!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Infants terrify my husband!

I've always known Chris is a little skidish around babies, but I just recently found out how bad it was. Since my new neice and nephew have arrived, it has manifested itself in a few ways. Since everyone thought that the twins were ours instead of my brothers, we've been getting a lot of questions about when we are planning on having kids. This question kills Chris! He doesn't want to make me mad by saying no time soon, but he doesn't want to give anyone the impression of, well, any time soon.

Last night, Dillon stayed at our house for a little while while my brother and sister-in-law went to Wal-Mart. Chris was sitting in the recliner, and Dillon loves recliners, so I handed that baby over and said, "Here Uncle Chris!" So I went off to the kitchen to finish supper. When I came back into the living room, Dillon was sitting on the couch looking at Chris like "Why in the world did you put me down?" And then I looked at Chris like "Why in the world did you put him down?" But I let it be, and went to finish supper again. Then I hear Chris yelling, "Honey! Come here! He's doing something." When I got to Dillon, he had spit up on his bib. I laughed so hard at Chris and said that we just shouldn't have kids if he can't handle spit up! It gets a lot worse than that!

Chris swears he wants to have kids some day. And I have discovered that this is true. The only condition is that he wants them to be three years old when they are born. Sorry Honey, it can't happen that way.

I know that one day he will understand the joy of seeing a baby smile for the first time, or the comfort that comes with rocking him to sleep. For now, though, he is still freaking out at the thought of fatherhood! But that's ok. Everything has a season and a purpose under Heaven, and when our time comes to enjoy parenthood, I know we will be ready.

P.S. Can you guess who that adorable baby in the picture above is? : )

Ollie & Me

Chris and I just watched the Movie Marley & Me and it is a replication of our life with our dog! Ollie drives us completely crazy!

Yesterday, I was feeling bad for him (since the movie was so sad and all) and I decided to take him off his lead and play fetch with him for a little while, then take him inside and give him a bath so he could spend some time with us. Things didn't turn out exactly that way. When Ollie heard the snap of this lead being released from his collar, he took off like a shot down the road and toward the neighbors who have already called the cops on him three times. So I took off after him because I did NOT want to have to explain things to the cops again. As I searched, my neighbor called me and said that Ollie was in her yard, so I headed that way. By the time I got there, he was gone. So as I headed back to my house, another neighbor hollered from across the road, "He's over here!" So off I went again, toward that direction. Still, no Ollie. I decided to go back to the house and give up on the dog. When I got back to the yard, lo and behold, there is Ollie sitting on the front porch like that is where he was the whole time.